Welcome to the Tone-Cast page. The Tone-Cast is our podcast about our business, gear and will feature things like more in depth stories, tips and industry interviews. Click the link below to listen or download from iTunes. We’ll also post new episodes directly on here for you to hear.

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Tone-Cast #32: Is this thing on?

The Return of the Tone-Cast! We update you on the fall for for Porter as well as introduce Co-Host Marco. Why were we taking a break and what we’re looking forward to for 2018.

Tone-Cast #31: Chris Murray, Idaho Flyer Amps

This week we sat down with Chris Murray of Idaho Flyer amps to talk about everything guitar amps. We cover things like what makes a good amp, his first guitar and what are some of his favorite sleeper amps.

Find our more about Idaho Flyer here: http://www.idahoflyer.us

Tone-Cast #30: Ryan Burke of 60 Cycle Hum

In this episode we chat with Ryan Burke of 60 Cycle Hum. We talk about podcasting, the gear industry, and funny craigslist postings. Check them out at their website

Tone-Cast #29: An Amp Retrospective

In this episode of the podcast Brian and I wanted to take a second before doing some interviews with amp builders to just talk about amp! What we love a out them, what we look for in a good amp, and all sorts of other things! Stay tuned throughout the next month as we talk with various builders and if you have any questions about guitar amps feel free to leave us comment on any of our social media and we can throw them into the podcast with some builders!

Tone-Cast #28: The New Shop

This week on the Podcast Brian and I talk about the new shop, as many of you know we took a two week break to get moved into a new shop and we’re really excited to share a bit about it with you! Including a look into the future of what we have planned for the new space!

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