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Tone-Cast #22: Ben Nystrom, Nystrum Guitars

On this episode of the Tone-Cast Brian and I talk with Ben Nystrom, owner and builder of Nystrum Guitars about his company and some of the amazing guitars he makes as well as his experience in the gear industry and his history with guitar.


Nystrum Guitars Instagram

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for next week as I’m going to be talking with our guitar builders here at Porter Guitars!

Tone-Cast #21: Porter Guitars

In this episode we talk about our new venture Porter Guitars.

Check our the website at: porterguitars.com

Tone-Cast #20: Cody Fields of Westminster Effects & Nose Pedal

This week on the Tone-Cast we talk to Cody Fields, the owner and builder for Westminster Effects and Nose Pedal. It was a fun interview about his love of “old dead guys”, the recent acquisition of Nose Pedal, and the dynamic of owning two different guitar gear companies! For more on either Westminster Effects or Nose Pedal visit:



Be sure to tune in next week for some REALLY big news! And watch our Instagram Monday for more info!

Tone-Cast #19: Custom Tele Pickups

Pro Guitar Shop Review

Tone-Cast #18: Our Favorite Gear

Here’s a few photos of some of our favorite gear:

Tone-Cast #17: Interview w/ Rick Matthews, Matthews Effects

This week we talk with Rick Matthews the owner and creator of Matthews Effects. To check out more from Matthews Effects head over to:


Or check him on on instagram:

Matthews Effects Instagram

Thanks so much to Matt for coming on the show! Next week Brian and I are going to be talking about our favorite gear!!!

Tone-Cast #15: Interview w/ Mike Berndt, Pedal Of The Day

This week on the Tone-Cast we have a conversation in the studio with Mike Berndt of the Pedal Of The Day Youtube and Instagram page. It’s our first in studio interview and we were very excited to talk to another gear industry guy here in Boise.

Tone-Cast #14: Vintage Custom Strat Set

In this episode of the Tone-Cast Brian and I discuss the Vintage Custom Strat Set, it’s creation, and what we both love about that set so much. Also we talk to Joshua Van Ness, a singer-songwriter and guitarist from the north east about a Vintage Custom set he has in a very unique strat.

Podcast Extra:

Vintage Custom Strat Set

Joshua Van Ness’s Strat Project:
Joshua Van Ness Strat (VCS)

Tone-Cast #13: Interview w/ Steve Sterlacci of The Jessica Lynn Band

This week on the Tone-Cast we talk to Steve Sterlacci, guitarist for The Jessica Lynn Band. We talk about his gear, favorite guitars, some great touring stories and some a lot of other stuff!

Tone-Cast #12: Interview w/ Matt Walker of Copeland Guitars

This week on the Tone-Cast we talk to Matt Walker, owner and builder of Copeland Guitars, about his company and the gear world in general. We talk to him about how he got started, some of the things that have set his guitars apart, and probably a few other rabbit trails here and there!

Tone-Cast #11: Interview w/ Dan Burgess of This1sMyne

Podcast Extra:


Tone-Cast #10: Anthem PAF Pickups

Podcast Extra:

Porter Pickups Anthem PAF

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Tone-Cast #9: Lance Seymour of Gear Talk

Tone-Cast #8: Recording Setups ft. Interview w/ Jack Fossett (Artist/Youtube Gear Demo)

Podcast Extra:

Jack Fossett on Youtube

Tone-Cast #7 Hank Donovan, Rattlesnake Cable Company

Tone-Cast #6: Wide Range Pickups

Tone-Cast #5 Mitch, Emerson Custom

Tone-Cast #4: Budget Guitars vs. Expensive Guitars

Tone-Cast #3 Tommy Platt, Sublime Guitar Company

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Tone-Cast #2 Hybrid Plus

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Tone-Cast #1

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