Smooth Humbucker

Warm tones with good clarity

Smooth Humbucker

Porter Smooth Humbucker Pickups have great mid range but also distort smoothly. They also have good clean and sustain for a well balanced pickup. The Smooth Humbucker shines with light overdrive and riffs, and has a non-harsh tone for strumming and complex clean chord applications. They have a little more low end tone than other pickups we sell, but don’t get too muddy. The Smooth Humbucker Pickups feature a AlNiCo II magnet, and can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for.

Popular Neck-Bridge Combos (Order your individual Smooth or Set with the buttons to the right)

Smooth-Classic Our best seller! Versatile tones from neck to bridge and a great middle position. You get the great lows and softer respond of the neck positions for clean chords and the bridge that can rock if needed.

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Style Suggestions: Jazz, Classic Rock, Blues and Slide. This pickup is popular as a neck pickup for Jazz and Blues, but also works well as a bridge for Classic Rock other styles. This pickup can work well in both positions for a nice even tone, and to tame some of the bridge position harshness, but still rock. If you love a neck pickup with a sweet tone, the Smooths are your pickup.
Buy these if…

  • You’re looking for a warmer neck pickup that doesn’t get too muddy.
  • You gravitate towards the neck pickup as your favorite position.
  • You need to cover jazz, blues and clean chords
  • You have a brighter sounding guitar or amp and you need more low ends
  • Get them in a bridge position if you need a softer attack with less high end.
Spec info:  A2 magnets, available in a neck or bridge position with many options. Typical neck resistance is low 7K range, bridge is high 7 to low 8K 
Try these in:  These work particularly well in almost any guitar. They work in solid bodies, T style or hollow bodies. 
4-Conductor wiring Information:


Coil Splitting Information


These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • f-spaced bridge
  • Metal braided hookup wire
  • Overwind