I cover this in a recent Podcast Episode, but 2022 includes a lot of different things for Porter. We’re expanding some existing product lines, and eliminating some others as we continue to navigate a challenging music industry. Price increases and factory slowdown have effected our Gatekeeper pickup line and we anticipate that to be back and running in the next month or so. It’s always an interesting season navigating things!

The other change is to our Porter Guitars Project. due to a myriad of factors we’re going to be pausing guitar builds for an undetermined amount of time. This is going to allow us to focus on our core pickup business and repurpose some of the shop for different and new projects that are in the works (More on those soon)

This has been a wild season for us extending all the way back to when COVID became a part of all our lives. Since then the music industry has been unpredictable and we don’t see when it will be “Normal” again. It means we pivot and continue to focus on the future of Porter.

More on this whole decision soon, but for now, we’re thankful you’re a part of our tone Journey