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Our Strat Pickups lineup covers everything from rock to blues and more. Each set is designed with specific needs and tones in mind.

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Wound For YOU

At Porter Pickups, we exist to help you be inspired by your guitar. How many of us have put down the guitar for too long? Maybe you have a guitar we enjoy but it’s missing something. Our goal is chasing tone and building electric guitar pickups that help you re-ignite the passion for guitar. We take the confusion out of the process by getting to know your needs and finding your match.

What started as an obsession for all things guitar turned into a relentless pursuit for tone. We can’t wait to hear the music you’ll create.

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Due to the popularity of the pickup chooser, and the time it takes to personally respond to these emails, please allow a few extra days to receive a response. We want to take the appropriate time to respond to your requests and give the best recommendation we can.

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