Welcome to the Tone-Cast page. The Tone-Cast is our podcast about our business, gear and will feature things like more in depth stories, tips and industry interviews. Click the link below to listen or download from iTunes. We’ll also post new episodes directly on here for you to hear.

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Tone-Cast #39: Less is More: Hard lessons from Business, New Sound Clips, and History Part 3

In episode #39 of the Tone-Cast, We talk about learning from mistakes, and cutting things in the business to help us move forawrd. We contunue with the history of the business part 3 and share some more sound clips of the new Les Bois model guitar.

Tone-Cast #38: Dave from Blackbird Pedalboards & Sublime Guitars.

Episode #38 is jammed packed with info and exciting new partnerships we’ve developed over the years. We give an update on the shop dog naming process, and we chat with Dave from Blackbird Pedalboards/Sublime Guitars about the boards, guitars and our Gatekeeper pickup project collaberation.

Tone-Cast #37: New Guitar Tones, Starting the Business, and Pickup Myths Continued

In episode #37 we cover several new things that have been happening in the shop, including some visits from builders and artists. We talk about our new Les Bois model, and share some sound clips. We end the show by talkings about Wax potting preferences and the first few years of the business.

Tone-Cast #36: Pickup Myths, Guitar Stories and the Early Years of Porter

In eposode 36 of the Tone-Cast, we talk about pickup myths, the early years of Porter and Marco shares a story of him nearly breaking a bandmates guitar

Tone-Cast #35: Inside a typical week in the shop, new guitar model

Porter Tone-Cast episode #35. We talk about what a typical week looks like on the guitar and pickup side of Porter as well as talk about our new upcoming guitar model, the Les Bois

Tone-Cast #34: What is Tone?

Marco and Brian discuss that huge topic, What is Tone? IN addition we fgeature some p-bass clips and Marco’s phone goes off during the show leading to an interesting rabbit trail.

Tone-Cast #33: Is Guitar Dying?

In this episode, we get to know Marco a bit more and dive into a HUGE topic: Is Guitar Dying?

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