Wiring Diagrams and Information

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Strat® Diagrams


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 1.03.30 PM

Standard Strat® Diagram

5-way Strat® Diagram 


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 1.03.30 PM

Strat® Blender Diagram

Blender Wiring Diagram

Tele® Diagrams


Tele® Diagram

Tele® 3-way Diagram

Tele® 3-way Wiring Diagram


Tele® 4-way Diagram

Tele® 4-way Diagram

Tele 4-Way Diagram

Humbucker & Other Pickup Wiring Info

4-Condctor Wiring Information


Most Porter Humbuckers come with our standard 4-conductor wire. It is a black insulation cable that protects 4 smaller wires inside. It really could be called 5 conductor, because there is a bare ground wire coming from inside in addition to the 4 other wires. We like the 4-conductor wire for humbuckers because of it’s wiring versatility. Pickups with 4-conductor wire can be coil-split, making only one coil of the pickup in use at a time for two separate sounds from one pickup. See charts below for 4 conductor wiring as well as a coil split options.

4-Conductor Color Codes

Installation Chart:
Solder to Bare, Solder to Ground (Top of Pot)
BLACK:Solder to Volume Potentiometer or to Selector Switch
WHITE:Solder to Green, Tape Connection (Can be csed to coil split)
GREEN: Solder to White, Tape Connection (Can be used to coil split)
BAREGround (Solder to Red and Ground)


Coil Split Wiring Information 

Read our blog on wiring a coil split for your Porter Humbucker or click the picture below for more information


Metal Braided Hookup Wire Install Info


Also called single conductor wire, some Porter Pickups will come with this wire. Installation is easy. The outer metal braid is your ground for the pickup. It is usually soldered directly to the top of your volume potentiometer or some other ground like a three way toggle. The wire can be “pushed back” to reveal the inner wire. This wire is usually soldered to the selector switch or one of the leads on the potentiometer. Make sure you have enough wire to firmly solder the outer shield to the ground and that the inner “Hot” wire doesn’t come in contact with the ground at any place in your wiring.

Black-White-Bare Wiring Information

Many of our other pickup models have a 2 conductor lead with black, white and bare inner wires. Our H90, PorterTron, and Mini humbuckers come standard with this hookup wire. Refer to this information below for installation:

Black: Ground with Bare (Sometimes used in 4-way wiring applications)
White: Hot wire, to the switch or lug of the pot
Bare:  Ground (Usually to the back of the volume pot)