It started as a collaboration with Sublime Guitars all the way back in 2014. Our vision was a line of pickups designed by us and custom wound by a small crew at a working mans price point. We’re pleased to announce Gatekeeper Pickups, starting at $99 ea. for a set.

With so many guitars being made each year, the electronics often are an afterthought. We wanted to bring a product to the market to make your guitar be all it can be tonally while costing less of your hard earned money.

Gatekeeper Pickups Available Now!

Click the model pages below for more information and sound clips. 

“Our goal with Gatekeeper Pickups was to take our designs and create inspiring pickups at a price anyone can afford.” 

Brian Porter

Gatekeeper Products


A P90 set with versatile tones.


A Tele Set with wide tones from rock to blues.

GKP-SCH Nickel

Versatile humbucker set with with alnico 2 and 5 magnets. Nickel Covers


Our hot wind humbucker set.


Designed for strat upgrades. Alnico 5 magnets and great all around tone.


Humbucker sized P90 Set with Nickel covers


Versatile humbucker with set with alnico 2 and 5 magnets.

GKP-Loaded Strat Guard

Loaded Pickguard for Gatekeeper Strat Pickups

Shield Tape

Gatekeeper Guitar Shield Tape, Available in three different sizes or a pack of all three

Gatekeeper Slide Set

Gatekeeper Steel and Glass Slide Set