We’re in the guitar modding business. We’re obsessed with it and our customers are interested in it enough to rip up their guitars to put our products in! When it comes to the countless guitars we’ve seen out there that people have modded with Porters, which ones are our favorites? Here’s a few of my personal favorites.

The Strat

How can you beat a good Strat when it comes to mods? You can change out virtually any part fo the guitar with some level of ease. What got me started was a 1998 strat with a swimming pool route. I put every conceivable combo in that guitar since I knew how it played and what to expect from it. It allowed me to experiment and hear tones without the playability and feel being changed. I did most of my early research on Pickups for Porter on that guitar. Even before I knew Porter would exist. Here’s a video of the guitar with dual humbuckers! (Which offends people every time we position instagram)

PRS SE Models

With much improved playability and fit and finish, the SE Models from PRS are a great candidate to upgrade. They are very well made and a new set of pickups can be the missing link to get more out of the instrument. Watch for more on this specific guitar here soon! Something cool is hiding under the hood…


Eastman Guitars usually come with pretty nice pickups to begin with. We are biased of course, but we can add some touches to tailor them better in certain circumstances. Recently, we acquired an Eastman T486B and loaded it with with our Wide Range Humbuckers (WRH). It helped with clarity and less flabby tones from the stock humbucker sized p90s. See this video for more.


“My favorite guitar to mod isn’t on this list!!” 

The beauty of the guitar world right now is that there’s a ton of really solid guitars that need some help with pickups. there’s even more to mention than the three we have here, and we certainly left out some serious contenders. We’ll continue to add more to this as we go. The fact is, we like all guitars and see pretty much any of them as worthy to mod.

What make a mod worthy guitar then? 

For us mod worth guitars come down to these factors:

  1. Is it built well (Stays in tune, setup, frets and neck are ok?)
  2. How does it ring out? Does it have good resonance? If so, it’s worth changing!
  3. Do you like the guitar or want to keep it? If you like it and want to keep it, or it has sentimental value, then it’s worth modding.


Lets hear some of your favorites in the comments below!