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Welcome to Porter Pickups. From the beginning stages of the company to now, we’ve tried to identify what we are about, what we do and why we do it. We’ve realized that much of our foundation and growth has come from finding pickups that serve a purpose. We enjoy the process of creating winds and models that fit a need for you as the player.

Many of winds are simply our “take” on a vintage pickup, while others are custom or hybrid creations for a unique look an sound. Our goal as winders is to build a portfolio of pickups that can be better matched to your gear, music styles and tonal preferences.

The creation of a Porter Pickups model starts with a need, an idea or inspiration. We only release something if has a place. We start with a collection of winds, magnet strength types and wire to create the wind from the ground up. Each model is uniquely wound to it’s end goal.


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