Pickups & Pedals

Welcome to Pickups and Pedals! A new project brought to you by Porter Pickups and Pedal of the Day. Lets dive into what it is first:

What is it? Pickups and Pedals is a project dedicated to showcasing different pickup types and how they interact with different pedals.

Why this project? Our goal is to bring awareness to our pickups, but we are also pedal junkies! We often get asked how our pickups interact with different drives and our goal is to showcase that in a helpful and simple way. We also wanted to collaborate with industry friends at Pedal of the Day to mutually promote each-others work.

What type of demos should we expect? Our goal is keep things simple. Show the tones, favorite settings and talk brifly about what pickups were using, the things we like about the pedal and not do long form demos



Welcome to Pickups and Pedals!

Welcome to pickups and pedals. We’re glad you’re here! This page will be dedicated to our new project highlighting different pickup types and pedals. First off we’re highlighting our GK-Drive Pedal with different guitars.

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