Porter Steel Baseplate For Strat® Pickup

Upgrade your current pickups with our custom made steel baseplate. Adding a steel baseplate to the bottom of your Strat pickup helps tame the highs and increase the thickness of the pickup. We find these especially useful for the bridge position, but you can get use them for any one you’d like. Each plate comes with pre-soldered ground wire. Save more when you buy more. These steel baseplates come standard on our Vintage Custom and Hybrid Plus set bridge pickups. See below for installation instructions.

Porter Steel Baseplate

Porter Steel Baseplate For Strat®

Installation of your steel baseplate:

To install your steel baseplate, make sure you follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your pickup bottom(s) are flat and clear of any bumps or ridges. Place a small piece of tape over the magnet poles. (You can use masking or other tape) You want to create a layer between the baseplate and pickup magnets.
  2. Place a small amount of thin super glue over the tape you just installed. Don’t use too much, just enough to help hold the plate. The pickups magnetism will help some as well.
  3. Install the plate. Move quickly as the glue will be drying. Make sure the mounting screw holes are lined up and have enough room so you can still adjust pickup heights with the pickup screws.
  4. Solder the other end of the ground wire to the start eyelet on the underside of the pickup coil (Usually a black wire)
  5. Trim off excess wire that extends past the eyelet.