Welcome to Porter Guitars!

In 2023 we’re slowly working back to offering more of these instruments in three distinct spec and price category options. Contact us for details as we update this page.

Standard Series

The Standard Series is our take on the classic designs. Our goal is to offer an affordable option for the player loaded with Porter Pickups. 

Prices start at $1,100

Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Series guitars are Porter designs and cut in house bodies with custom selected necks

Prices start at $1,800

USA Series

Porter designs all cut and built 100% in house. 

Prices start at $2,400



Quick Connect pickguards with endless Porter Pickup options and no soldering required. Change your tone in moments and create something new.

Les Bois

Single cut named after our home town of Boise, ID. Fixed pickup rock and roll machine.


Our offset design with Contours and custom pickguards.

So much passion and detail goes into making these guitars!

hand made guitars with the finest of woods!!! I had the pleasure of playing an elite model for about a month and instantly fell in love.

got to play one of these guitars today and I have to say it is easily the best sounding electric guitar I’ve ever played. The pickups are so nicely done

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Available Guitars

PLEASE READ: Guitar listed here will either be available or a lead time will be indicated in the order button. Go HERE for a more full description, photos and more of each instrument as well as more details on the purchase. Some guitars may also have a deposit only amount attached to the button to reserve the build. Some instruments can be reserved with a deposit and the final balance will be applied when it’s completed.  Please keep this in mind before purchasing.