Anthem Plus

PAFs turned up a notch

Anthem Plus Humbucker

The Anthem Plus humbucker set was a result of our continued pursuit of tone. We took our regular Anthem PAF platform and made a set that is dialed specifically to the AlNiCo 4 magnets. We wanted to keep some of the clarity and richness the Anthems are known for, but add some increased turns to the bridge for better balance and a good neck to bridge variety of tones.

We created a more dynamic and responsive bridge winding pattern and a set that will give you a little more thickness across the board. The AlNiCo 4 magnets provide a good balance of power and low end that really compliments the 42 AWG vintage style plain enamel wire.

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Style Suggestions: Classic Rock, Blues, rock, slide, clean chords
Buy these if…

  • You want a hotter and fuller PAF
  • You want more from your bridge position
  • You play more leads and higher gain
  • you need a classic rock recording tone, or for a cover band to nail that tone
Spec info:

  • Scatter wound with a proprietary pattern, Custom winding in the bridge
  • AlNiCo IV Magnets
  • Wax Potted (Standard) (Un-potted available‚
  • Resistance Range from 8-9.5K
Try these in:  LP style guitars, hollow bodies or jazz boxes.

 4-conductor diagrams

These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • f-spaced bridge
  • Relic covers (Nickel Only)
  • Open Top or Wood Grain Inserts

Coming Soon