Blender Humbucker

A mix of winds in one set

Blender Humbucker

The Porter Blender Humbucker is truly a custom pickup. All of our pickups are custom, but this one takes things a step further. We use 4 different wires throughout one set of two blender humbuckers. That’s where the “Blender” aspect comes in. Through our pickup line development, and through much testing and tweaking the winds, the Blenders were born. We find wire size and coating make a difference tonally, so we’ve put some of our favorites into this set.

The Neck Pickup
The Blender Neck pickup is a hybrid of two of our more popular humbuckers. You could think of it in basic construction as half Classic and half Anthem PAF. Being in the neck position, you get a sweet tone from the humbucker and a great mix of vintage-yet cut through tones. Paired with an AlNiCo 2 magnet, this humbucker hits the sweet spot tonally and provides you with a non-muddy and versatile neck pickup.

The Bridge Pickup
The bridge pickup is special in that it’s the same two wires and coatings of the neck pickup bobbins, but a smaller (43) gauge. The smaller gauge wire allows for an increased coil resistance and more agressive pickup that is especially voiced for the positon. We normally use 43 gauge wire in telecaster neck pickups, but in this case, it makes for a sweet sounding humbucker thats clear and crisp, and responds perfectly to overdriven riffs and lead tones paired with the AlNiCo 5 magnet.

The Set
Where the blenders really shine is the tonal difference in all three positons of the set. Typically, the bridge pickup reads about 2K more than the neck pickup. The middle position really shines since the neck and bridge pickup are different in so many ways.

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Style Suggestions: The blenders are great for several styles due to the mid of winds. You can cover almost anything with these and not miss a beat. They lean towards the clean and clear side tonally, so if you want versatility and a way to combat a darker guitar, those are a perfect match. Many of our clips and videos are in mahogany guitars and the blenders respond particularly well to the rich sustain of mahogany.
Buy these if…


  • You want a versatile and complex sound
  • You like both vintage and modern tones, but can’t decide for your guitar
  • You like to have clarity and sustain
  • You want to use one dual humbucker guitar in several live and studio applications
  • You like a good lead tone in the bridge but don’t want a shredder pickup
Spec info:  Neck Pickup is around 8k with AlNiCo 2 Magnet. Bridge Pickup is 10-11K with AlNiCo 5 magnet.
Try these in: Great in solid body guitars of many wood types. The blender bridge also pairs well with two singles in an HSS configuration.
4-Conductor wiring Information:


Coil Splitting Information


These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • f-spaced bridge
  • Metal braided hookup wire
  • Overwind
Position/Set Color/Cover SKU
Neck White BLHNWH
Neck Black BLHNBLK
Neck Aged White BLHNAW
Neck Zebra BLHNZB
Neck Chrome BLHNCR
Neck Nickel BLHNNI
Neck Raw Nickel BLHNRN
Neck Gold BLHNGD
Neck Relic Nickel BLHNREL
Bridge White BLHBWH
Bridge Black BLHBBLK
Bridge Aged White BLHBAW
Bridge Zebra BLHBZB
Bridge Chrome BLHBCR
Bridge Nickel BLHBNI
Bridge Raw Nickel BLHBRN
Bridge Gold BLHBGD
Bridge Relic Nickel BLHBREL
Set White BLHSWH
Set Aged White BLHSAW
Set Zebra BLHSZB
Set Chrome BLHSCR
Set Nickel BLHSNI
Set Raw Nickel BLHSRN
Set Relic Nickel BLHSREL