P.A. Humbucker

Agressive & Versatile

P.A. Humbucker

The Porter P.A. or “Passive Aggressive”  humbucker was created to fill a need in our humbucker lineup for something that handles heavier and high gain music while still retaining the versatility our humbuckers are known for. The P.A. retains balanced clarity but responds well to drives and edge of breakup tones. It will take your amps or drive pedals to another level by enhancing the gain sweep. It also shines in a clean situation, giving you a set that will still cover all styles

The right Ingredients:
the P.A. is wound with 43AWG wire for a nice mix of punch and output. The neck pickup (Alnico 5) comes in around 11-12K and the bridge (Ceramic) 15-16K on the average set. One side of the humbucker is overwound to create a more usable split tone.

The P.A. Humbucker comes in a variety of options for looks. 4-Conductor wiring is standard for splitting coils. Try it as a standard HH set, or as a HSH set or just a bridge in and HSS. Coming soon: 7 String versions
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Style Suggestions: Classic Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal, Progressive
Buy these if…

  • You need more agression from your guitar
  • you need a tighter response that doesn’t get too muddy
  • you need something that will push your pedals and amps more
  • you need a nice and useable split tone
Spec info:

  • 43 AWG Wire
  • mismatch coils
  • 4 Conductor Hookup Wire
  • AlNiCo V Magnet Neck, Ceramic Bridge
  • Wax Potted
Try these in:  Floyd Guitars, Super Strats, HH guitars.

These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • f-spaced bridge
  • Hex Poles or Double Screw (Ask us at time of order)
  • Relic Covers (6 string only) 
  • Wood Top Bobbins
  • 7 string version (Direct Mount Only, Ask us before ordering for price)