Porter Standard Jazzmaster®

Available in Vintage or Modern Winds

Jazzmaster® Pickup

Porter Jazzmaster® pickups are custom built and wound for the Jazzmaster® diehards. They feature your choice of a vintage or modern flavor wind, with distinct magnets and coil wire for each type. Available as a individual or set purchase with choice of Black, White or Cream covers. Sets will be built with the bridge pickup reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum canceling in the middle position. Lightly wax potted. Combine Vintage and Modern together or get both of one style!

Vintage Wind Vintage style coil wire and AlNiCo 2 rod magnets. Smoother tones, closer to a traditional Jazzmaster® sound with more focus on the midrange.
Modern Wind The Modern’s achieve clarity and aggression with good bite while still being versatile for multiple styles. AlNiCo 5 magnets.
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Style Suggestions: Rock, Indie Music, Worship.

Buy these if…

  • You want a great upgrade option to factory JM pickups.
  • You want to build your own configuration or style.
Vintage Wind Spec info: 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire. Typical resistance range is 7K to upper 7k from neck to bridge. AlNiCo 2 rod magnets. Softer response, less power than the modern. More focused on smoothness, sustain while not getting too muddy. Pairs well with 2 Vintage winds or put a modern wind in the bridge for more tonal range.

Modern Wind Spec info: 42 AWG Poly Wire. Typical resistance range is 7K to upper 7k from neck to bridge. AlNiCo 5 rod magnets. Great clarity and cut through, stronger tonally than the vintage wind. Good all around pickup for neck or bridge.

Our Jazzmasters use the vintage style cloth pushback wire. White is “Hot” Black is “Ground” they will work fine in any traditional Jazzmaster wiring scheme.


Set of 2VintageWhiteJMVSWH
Set of 2VintageBlackJMVSBLK
Set of 2VintageCreamJMVSCR
Set of 2ModernWhiteJMMSWH
Set of 2ModernBlackJMMSBLK
Set of 2ModernCreamJMMSCR
Order Note If you are wanting to combine two different models for a custom set, just add two individual pickups to the cart.