Mini Humbucker

Porter Mini-Humbuckers are our take on the classic mini design. Available as a neck or bridge position, the Porter mini humbuckers provide a sweet but not too muddy tone in the neck and a classic bridge sound. You could think of the Mini Humbuckers as a smaller version of our regular humbuckers, with DC resistance in the 6k range. Mini’s work well as a complement to another mini or even paired with another pickup type like a tele bridge position. Tonally we like to describe the mini’s as somewhere between a T style bridge and full sized humbucker.

Wind Information (Order your individual Mini or Set with the buttons to the right)
Poly coated wire. versatile, with good push and a great all around pickup AlNiCo 5 magnets.

NOTE: If you are wanting to build a combination such as a Nashville Tele® or combine these with another pickup, use each cart’s individual pickup purchase option to build your set by position/pickup type. We can also make you a custom order with mini neck pickgard for Tele®


Style Suggestions: Great for blues, rock, jazz and everything in between. A great option for a more single coil like snap but with hum canceling standard humbucker design.
Spec info:  Typical resistance is around 6k for neck and bridge positions, with the bridge slightly higher. The Moderns will be a stronger pickup due to the more powerful a5 magnets.  Note: Our covers measure 2.675″ x 1.110″ x .660″ and may not fit traditional vintage routes. Please check your measurements BEFORE ordering for vintage replacement. 
Try these in:  Try these as a neck position with a T Style bridge pickup, or in a P90 routed guitar (You will need adapter rings!) 
Our Mini’s Come with the standard 2 conductor wiring. It consists of a White, Black and Bare wire inside the casing.

White is Hot
Black is Ground (Or used in 4-way wring applications)
Bare is ground

Position/Set Cover SKU
Neck Nickel MHNNI
Neck Raw Nickel MHNRN
Neck Chrome MHNCH
Neck Nickel (No Holes) MHNCNI
Neck Raw Nickel (No Holes) MHNCRN
Neck Chrome (No Hole) MHNCCH
Bridge Nickel MHBNI
Bridge Raw Nickel MHBRN
Bridge Chrome MHBCH
Bridge Nickel (No Holes) MHBCNI
Bridge Raw Nickel (No Holes) MHBCRN
Bridge Chrome (No Hole) MHBCCH
Set of 2 Nickel MHSNI
Set of 2 Raw Nickel MHSRN
Set of 2 Chrome MHSCH
Set of 2 Nickel (No Holes) MHSCNI
Set of 2 Raw Nickel (No Holes) MHSCRN
Set of 2 Chrome (No Hole) MHSCCH
Neck Gold MHNGD
Bridge Gold MHBGD
Set of 2 Gold MHSGD