Porter 60’s Strat®

Smooth, Bluesy Tones

1960’s Strat® Pickup

Porter 1960’s Strat® set features staggered AlNiCo 5 magnets and are wound with the same spec dark purple 42 AWG wire used on vintage 60’s pickups. With these pickups, you get the classic tones of the 60’s, and they are great with everything from blues to classic rock and soloing. They offer nice even tones, and a killer vintage vibe. For the vintage 60’s diehards, these pickups are made just for you.
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Style Suggestions:  Blues, Bluesy Rock, Vintage
Buy these if…

  • Great for SRV, Hendrix tones
  • You’re looking for the classic vintage strat tone
  • You need more sustain form your guitar
Spec info:  Scatterwound 42 AWG plain enamel. typical resistance range is high 5K to mid 6k from neck to bridge. AlNiCo 5 magnets. RWRP middle pickup is standard. Standard vintage staggered magnets.
Position/Set Color SKU UPC
Set of Three White 1960SWH 856724008101
Set of Three Black 1960SBLK
Set of Three Cream 1960SCR
Set of Three Aged White 1960SAW
Set of Three Parchment 1960SPAR
Set of Three Mint Green 1960SMG
Neck White 1960NWH 856724008279
Neck Black 1960NBLK
Neck Cream 1960NCR
Neck Aged White 1960NAW
Neck Parchment 1960NPAR
Neck Mint Green 1960NMG
Middle White 1960MWH 856724008286
Middle Black 1960MBLK
Middle Cream 1960MCR
Middle Aged White 1960MAW
Middle Parchment 1960MPAR
Middle Mint Green 1960MMG
Bridge White 1960BWH 856724008293
Bridge Black 1960BBLK
Bridge Cream 1960BCR
Bridge Aged White 1960BAW
Bridge Parchment 1960BPAR
Bridge Mint Green 1960BMG


Loaded Pickguards