Porter Modern Strat®

Versatile tones with just the right amount of bite

Modern Strat® Pickup

Porter Modern’s are wound slightly hotter than our other sets, giving you just a bit more when soloing and playing rock. They are wound with 42 AWG poly coated wire, resulting in tones that are brighter and more edgy. The Modern’s are good for a variety of styles, and are especially recommended for tonally balancing a guitar with a rosewood fretboard, or one that has a darker body wood (like Mahogany). These pickups are bright with a maple fretboard, but provide a nice snappy tone.

We chose the term “Modern” because of their ability to cover a wide range of styles and tones, not just modern music.

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Style Suggestions:  Blues, Country, Classic Rock, Indie
Buy these if…


  • You need more versatility out of your guitar
  • You have a darker guitar/amp you need to brighten up
  • You like clean, crisp tones.
  • You need your notes to jump out quicker, have more attack
Spec info:  42 AWG Poly Wire. Typical resistance range is high 5K to mid 6k from neck to bridge. AlNiCo 5 magnets. RWRP middle pickup is standard.
Position/Set Color SKU UPC
Set of Three White MODSWH 856724008118
Set of Three Black MODSBLK
Set of Three Cream MODSCR
Set of Three Aged White MODSAW
Set of Three Parchment MODSPAR
Set of Three Mint Green MODSMG
Neck White MODNWH
Neck Black MODNBLK
Neck Cream MODNCR
Neck Aged White MODNAW
Neck Parchment MODNPAR
Neck Mint Green MODNMG
Middle White MODMWH
Middle Black MODMBLK
Middle Cream MODMCR
Middle Aged White MODMAW
Middle Parchment MODMPAR
Middle Mint Green MODMMG
Bridge White MODBWH
Bridge Black MODBBLK
Bridge Cream MODBCR
Bridge Aged White MODBAW
Bridge Parchment MODBPAR
Bridge Mint Green MODBMG


Loaded Pickguards