Porter Hybrid Plus  Tele®

Big Range. Big Tones

Hybrid Plus Tele® Pickup

Our Hybrid Plus tele pickup set is the newest Porter tele pickup set.We wanted to design a set that had a more stratty neck and a huge bridge tone. Inspired by the Hybrid Plus Strat set, this set provides a massive tonal range from clean bluesy tones in the neck to a powerful bridge ready to rock and push your amp and pedals to 11.

Flat Magnets on the bridge, but slightly raised to bring more power towards the strings. Neck available in open top or closed.

NOTE: If you are wanting to build a combination such as a Nashville Tele® or combine these with another pickup, use each cart’s individual pickup purchase option to build your set by position/pickup type.

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Style Suggestions:  Blues, Rock, Indie, Heavy Classic Rock.
Buy these if…

  • You want a strat type neck pickup tones
  • You need a non twangy bridge
  • You want your tele to keep up with
Spec info:  Copper Baseplate, Choice of Closed or Open Covers.Typical resistance range is 5K neck, Mid 8K Bridge AlNiCo 5 magnets. RWRP for middle position hum canceling. 4-way ready is no charge. Let us know at the time of order.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon