I haven’t blogged in a long time. It’s something i’ve wanted to share more long term thoughts on all things surrounding Porter. Todays topic is “How do we fit in”? It’s a topic I often wrestle with as a normally introverted guy in charge of a growing business and a father of 6 kids. I think about where Porter stands in the industry and how I often have become jaded about several things in the industry as a of late. Some of this may get a little more personal but why not just be honest?

In the early days of Porter, we started growing along with Instagram. Social media was ever changing and people were connecting with our content, funny pictures and a few dad jokes really well. it started meaning we gained some traction and notoriety. With that came some great business relationships, many of which we still have today. BUT…There was a darker side of that looming that wasn’t apparent until later in our journey. It’s the constant need to keep up with algorithms, appear cool and impress people with creative photos enough to get them to buy something or keep with you as a customer or client. it’s exhausting as a business owner. As things progressed, I saw the platform change people in a negative way. People used it to steal clients from us, they used it to tear other companies down and get ahead. People cheated. Got caught and their business’s grew (Still confusing). They knew how to convince the masses to follow them while trashing people along the way. I had people trying to tell me how to cheat unemployment during the first part of covid. I’ve had private conversations randomly dumped on me in attempt to stir up gossip. Whoops…did that come out? This is the ugly part of the industry. Not everything or everyone is like that, in fact there’s so many who aren’t and do things well and the right way. Guitar is supposed to be fun, but there are things I can’t unsee. I’m left with the question over and over “What kind of business to I want to be? See more on that here

So what’s the point of all of this? I have realized over the last year that a lot has changed (Duh… Mr. Porter). COVID changed everything for us, from personal relationships to what we focused on as a business, We took on clients and projects that were not our passions to keep the Porter train rolling. It sucked the joy out of me. I was building more and more stuff but not the Porter brand and not what I was passionate about. I was telling my customers to “BE INSPIRED!!!” but I wasn’t myself. A few times some of the projects and needy customers almost destroyed our team, finances and more. I was done with what Porter had become. I realized this in the summer of 2023, and thus began the long process of cleaning the clutter. We are now getting back to our roots and restoring the joy and passion for guitar. WHAT A CONCEPT!?! We’ve spent a number I don’t want to add up building the business, investing in machinery and process only to veer slightly from that. If felt like I might have well been working in an entirely different job. It started to bother me enough to wonder how much longer I wanted to do this. As a small business owner walking away from multiple thousands of dollars of potential income seems crazy, but I want to be true to what we are about and not get off course.

So here we are. Re-engerzied for change and in the middle of a long process of change. It’s who we need to be as a business and how we best help you the customer. I stopped trying to be cool a long time ago. I just want to make a difference.

Thanks for believing in us.