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Rescue Your Guitar

At Porter Pickups we build products that unlock the true potential of your guitar. You have a guitar you enjoy but it doesn’t sound good or inspire you. That’s where we can help.

The Journey To New Tone

In just a few easy steps we’ll work with you to find your best match.

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Answer 3 questions about your guitar and musical preferences. Who doesn’t love talking about their gear?

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We’ll walk you through the process and identify pickups that will work for your specific guitar type and tonal needs via phone or email.

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We’ll wind and deliver your new set of matched pickups. You’ll be inspired to create new and more music.

Wound For YOU

At Porter Pickups, we exist to help you be inspired by your guitar. How many of us have put down the guitar for too long? Maybe you have a guitar we enjoy but it’s missing something. Our goal at Porter Pickups is chasing down tone and building products to help you re-ignite the passion for guitar. We take the confusion out of the process by getting to know your needs and finding your match.

What started as an obsession for all things guitar turned into a relentless pursuit for tone. We can’t wait to hear the music you’ll create.

Good Tone Starts Here

Each pickups model we make fills a need a serves a purpose. Why not get a set matched to your guitar type and tonal preference? You can always start with pickup categories or let us help you find a set. We’ve helped thousands of people find the sound they are chasing in their heads since 2008. If you’re looking for replacement humbuckers, Single coils or more we’re here to help.