Ordering & Shipping FAQs

Q: Can I order another way, besides the online store?

A: We are happy to take orders through email and over the phone. We handle most of our payments through email invoices and the online store, but will consider payments by mail. Please contact us with your order by email/phone and we will help you be able to pay another way.

Q. What is the Return/Order Cancellation Policy?

A. We can not issue refunds or cancellations. If you don’t like the sound of pickups that you have purchased, we will do one(1) exchange within 15 days of delivery to help you get the sound that you are after. All shipping costs for exchanges sent to Porter Pickups LLC are the customer’s responsibility.

If you have any questions about our products, we encourage you to use our “Pickup Chooser” before you purchase. We are always happy to help and talk tone!

Q: How long does my order take?

A: Due to the custom options that we offer, most orders are around 10 business days, stock orders ship within a few days.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: You will receive a tracking email when it ships.

Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: Yes, we ship all over the world. Our cart should calculate shipping to your country.

Q: My shipping cost seems high, what should I do?

A: Our shopping cart uses a fixed weight shipping and it can estimate high for international shipping. This is hard for us to measure due to the limitations of the software. Please contact us if your estimated shipping seems to high. We always refund the difference if shipping is too high and we can mail it cheaper. Many times a higher amount will qualify for express shipping in the case of International orders.

Q: How do you determine the shipping pricing?

A: Pricing is set by weight and postal service rates.

Q: What methods do you use to ship?

A: You can choose UPS or USPS.

Q: Who is responsible for VAT or Import Fees?

A: Buyer is responsible for all import fees.