Pickup Related FAQs

Q: Do You Do Custom Pickup Configurations?

A: Yes! We sell non traditional combinations such as Tele/P90 or two types of pickups not normally put together in a set. Price is determined by models chosen and number of pickups. Feel free to email us with special requests. Most model pages will have the ability to order single pickups and build your own set. If you don’t see the combo you want, let us know. We can build a matched set of any of our models.

Q: Will My Other Brand Of Pickup Match With A Porter Pickup?

A: That's something we can’t guarantee. You may get an “Out of Phase” sound when combining pickups in the middle position for example. We also know that each pickup company builds and designs their pickups differently, so other brands (or ours) may be louder or a different flavor. We understand you may only want to replace one, but please keep this in mind when ordering. We do not accept returns for matching issues with other pickup company brands. You’re welcome to send another pickup in for testing and matching.

Q: What If I Don’t See The Cover/Bobbin Type Listed On Your Website, Can I Get Another Type?

A: Yes. We can special order other types or bobbin colors not listed on our site. What we have pictured is usually what’s in stock. We can special order things like black humbucker covers, metal p-90 covers etc. Don’t hesitate to ask about custom work as well. We have some great Custom Shop capabilities.

Q: Do You Make Other Types Of Pickups Not Listed On Your Site?

A: Yes. We’ve made custom pickups of different types as well as different replacement pickups we don’t have officially listed on the website. Please contact us with questions about custom pickup orders. Pricing on custom pickups will vary based on the amount of labor and design involved. Our primary focus is what we have listed on the website. You can always contact us to see if we are taking any custom projects.

Q: Do You Offer Pickup Installation Services Or Other Services?

A: We do a fair amount of local pickup installs of our loaded pickguards or new pickup purchases. We also do rewires and other guitar repairs. We will consider non-local repairs for any of these services, but with shipping costs it may make more sense to take it to a local repair person. Most of the time we won’t take any install or repair work because of regular workload.

Q: Will You Install Pickups In My Pickguard?

A: We can install pickups in a special pickguard you have for an extra charge or do additional mods. Please let us know what you have in mind before sending anything in.