Technical & Specs FAQs

Q: What is String Spacing? What String Spacing Should I Get On My Humbuckers?

A: String spacing is the distance between the two “E” poles on the pickup.We can do any humbucker model in any spacing, but some models have specific spacing unless otherwise requested. All humbucker models are 50mm spacing standard.  All pickups are available in 53mm spacing (also called “F Spaced”). You would want to consider an “F Spaced” pickup in the bridge position of a Strat or in most HSS configurations.

Q: At What Height Should I Set My Pickups?

A: We don’t list any specific pickup heights on our site for a few reasons: 1. Each player is different and they may like the pickups in different places. 2. We encourage people to experiment and find a good balance for themselves. One of Brian’s personal preferences is backing off the neck pickup, but others would not like it. Try a combination of balancing volume by adjusting each pickups height and polepieces (If it has them)

Q: What happened to the Anthem PAF options?

A: All Anthem PAF’s are now available with choice of hookup wire and short leg baseplates only. F-Spaced Anthems can be made by request.

Q: What Type of Pots Do You Recommend With Your Pickups?

A: We like 250k pots with singles and 500k with humbuckers as a general rule. There’s no “right” answer, but if you aren’t sure, start there. With a P-90 pickup we like to experiment with a 500k, but you can change values to see what you like!

Q: What Hookup Wire Should I Choose For My Humbucker Set?

A: It depends on your needs and switching preferences. If you are planning on doing coil splitting, or custom wiring (Series/parallel, etc) then make sure you request 4-conductor wiring so your pickups are ready for those wiring mods. Metal braided is often used on our P90’s and Anthem PAF’s. All other humbucker models come standard with 4 Conductor wire.

Q: My Pickup Has Black, White And Bare Hookup Wire, How Do I Install It?

A: Our H90, PorterTron, and Mini Humbuckers come standard with the Black, White, Bare wire. Black and Bare are ground, White is hot to the switch or pot depending on your wiring diagram.

Q: Will My Other Brand Of Pickup Match With A Porter Pickup?

A: We don’t sell a lot of single pickups since we don’t know how each and every pickup maker builds their pickups. You may get an “Out of Phase” sound when combining pickups in the middle position for example. We also know that each pickup company builds and designs their pickups differently, so other brands (or ours) may be louder or a different flavor.

Q: I’m Not Sure How To Install My Pickups, Where Do I Start?

A: Turn off the soldering iron and STEP AWAY! (Kidding) It’s a good idea to watch some basic pickup install videos online (We plan on releasing some soon). Make sure you have a basic grip of soldering techniques, and the right tools. It’s not very hard to solder, but many feel comfortable to just take it to their local shops.

Q: Can You Help With A Custom Wiring Diagram?

A: In most cases, we can help with custom wiring diagrams. We can help point you in the right direction or translate your diagram to our color codes. Many wiring schemes can get very complicated, and we’ll do out best to make sure you have the right knowledge to wiring up your new Porters.