Warranty & Repair FAQs

Q. What is the Return/Order Cancellation Policy?

A. We can not issue refunds. If you don’t like the sound of pickups that you have purchased, we will do one(1) exchange within 15 days of delivery to help you get the sound that you are after. Orders cancelled prior to shipping will be subject to a 15% processing fee. All shipping costs for exchanges sent to Porter Pickups LLC are the customer’s responsibility.

If you have any questions about our products, we encourage you to use our “Pickup Chooser” before you purchase. We are always happy to help and talk tone!

Q: My Porter Pickup Isn’t Working, Will You Fix It?

A: Yes, we will fix your pickup. If it was purchased within the last year, it will be no charge. Most repairs are more affordable on our own pickups, should you have an issue.

Q: Do You Offer Pickup Repairs On Other Pickups?

A: We are currently not taking any new pickup repairs or rewinds. Regular workload has prevented us from offering this, and we prefer to focus on our own pickups. Please consider using Tom Brantley Rewinds.