Clear Humbucker

Clean and crisp

Clear Humbucker

Porter Clear Humbuckers have a brighter and more clear tone with a bit more treble. They sound great distorted and really cut through in a band or solo setting. Their tone can be used for a wide range of style They feature a Ceramic Magnet, for huge and articulate leads, and chunky riffs. Typically the Clears are wound over the 10K mark and they have a nice aggressive tone

Popular Neck-Bridge Combos (Order your individual Clear or Set with the buttons to the right)

 Classic-Clear This is a great combo for those who need to go from clean and mean to “rip your face off” leads. The clear gives you even more cut through in the bridge position. if you play a lit of heavier riffs and use a lot of gain, this is a great combination.
 Clear-Overdrive With the clear in the neck position, you get great articulation and clean notes, but still have a rocking lead bridge..
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Style Suggestions: Great for Hard Rock and Soloing. They would also work well for a brighter blues/country type sound depending on your gear setup. These pickups are just what the name suggest, CLEAR, and will especially shimmer with a guitar that has a maple fretboard. Typically used as a bridge pickup, but a neck also sounds great for the right application. Although ceramic magnets can often be associated with cheap sounding pickups, we find that the clears fit right in for shredding guitars and metal and high gain applications, but can also be used for rock and blues if you need a clean tone that can mix well in a band setting.
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  • You need more note definition or snap out of your tone
  • You want to cut though in a band/live situation
  • You play primarily high gain amps/pedals
  • You need a more defined guitar tone.
Spec info:  Ceramic magnets, wound hotter as a bridge position standard. Between 10-12K.
Try these in:  Muddy guitars, shredder guitars, 24 fret guitars, Floyd Rose axes
4-Conductor wiring Information:


Coil Splitting Information


These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • f-spaced bridge
  • Metal braided hookup wire
  • Overwind
Position/Set Color/Cover SKU
Neck White CLRHNWH
Neck Aged White CLRHNAW
Neck Zebra CLRHNZB
Neck Nickel CLRHNNI
Neck Chrome CLRHNCR
Neck Raw Nickel CLRHNRN
Neck Relic Nickel CLRHNREL
Bridge Black CLRHBBLK
Bridge White CLRHBWH
Bridge Aged White CLRHBAW
Bridge Zebra CLRHBZB
Bridge Nickel CLRHBNI
Bridge Chrome CLRHBCR
Bridge Raw Nickel CLRHBRN
Bridge Gold CLRHBG
Bridge Relic Nickel CLRHBREL
Classic/Clear Gold CLCLRSGD
Classic/Clear Chrome CLCLRSCR
Classic/Clear Raw NIckel CLCLRSRN
Classic/Clear NIckel CLCLRSNI
Classic/Clear Black CLCLRSBLK
Classic/Clear White CLCLRSWH
Classic/Clear Aged White CLCLRSAW
Classic/Clear Zebra CLCLRSZB
Clear/Overdrive Gold CLRODSGD
Clear/Overdrive Chrome CLRODSCR
Clear/Overdrive Raw NIckel CLRODSRN
Clear/Overdrive NIckel CLRODSNI
Clear/Overdrive Black CLRODSBLK
Clear/Overdrive White CLRODSWH
Clear/Overdrive Aged White CLRODSAW
Clear/Overdrive Zebra CLRODSZB