Humbucker sized P90 in two configurations


Our H90 pickup is available in 2 different configurations and will fit in any standard humbucker routed guitar. Smooth configuration indicated AlNiCo 2 magnets, Classic is AlNiCo 5 (Rods or Bars)

Configurations (Sold as individual pickups. Add two to cart for set)

H90 AlNiCo Humbucker sized single coil with AlNiCo magnet rods. Similar to a cross between a regular single coil and leaning towards a Jazzmaster® in tone 
 H90 standard P90 design in a humbucker case. Dual bar magnets and adjustable poles.
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Style Suggestions: With our 2 different h90 configurations, you can get more out of your humbucker guitar. These cover the snappy/bright single coil tones or give you a different flavor than the standard humbuckers will. The H90 Standard will be stronger than the alnico rod version. Both versions in the “Smooth” configuration will be more low end focused.
Buy these if…




  • You want a single coil/p90 tone from your humbucker routed guitar
  • You need more chime and less power
Spec info: The H90’s are a low wind pickup due to the size restrictions of the bobbin. Neck are high 5k range and bridges usually sit just over 6k
Try these in:  Anything you need to clean up or want to change your sound in. Great as a neck combined with a humbucker or as a set of two.
H90’s use our 2-conductor with bare shield hookup wire. Black Is ground with bare (Ground to back of volume pot) White is Hot (To switch or pot lug)
These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • Custom Wood tops (Extra charges, with open border style only) Please ask BEFORE ordering.
  • Relic Nickel (Extra Charge, ask BEFORE ordering)
H90 AlNiCo
NeckSmoothOpen Border NickelH90ANSONI
NeckSmoothOpen Border ChromeH90ANSOCR
NeckSmoothCovered NickelH90ANSCNI
NeckSmoothCovered ChromeH90ANSCCR
NeckSmoothCovered Raw NickelH90ANSCRN
NeckSmoothCovered GoldH90ASNCGD
NeckSmoothOpen Border GoldH90ANSOGD
NeckClassicOpen Border NickelH90ANCONI
NeckClassicOpen Border ChromeH90ANCOCR
NeckClassicCovered NickelH90ANCCNI
NeckClassicCovered ChromeH90ANCCCR
NeckClassicCovered Raw NickelH90ANCCRN
NeckClassicCovered GoldH90ANCCGD
NeckClassicOpen Border GoldH90ANCOGD
BridgeSmoothOpen Border NickelH90ABSONI
BridgeSmoothOpen Border ChromeH90ABSOCR
BridgeSmoothCovered NickelH90ABSCNI
BridgeSmoothCovered ChromeH90ABSCCR
BridgeSmoothCovered Raw NickelH90ABSCRN
BridgeSmoothCovered GoldH90ABSCGD
BridgeSmoothOpen Border GoldH90ABSOGD
BridgeClassicOpen Border NickelH90ABCONI
BridgeClassicOpen Border ChromeH90ABCOCR
BridgeClassicCovered NickelH90ABCCNI
BridgeClassicCovered ChromeH90ABCCCR
BridgeClassicCovered Raw NickelH90ABCCRN
BridgeClassicCovered GoldH90ABCCGD
BridgeClassicOpen Border GoldH90ABCOGD
H90 Standard
NeckSmoothOpen Border NickelH90NSONI
NeckSmoothOpen Border ChromeH90NSOCR
NeckSmoothCovered NickelH90NSCNI
NeckSmoothCovered ChromeH90NSCCR
NeckSmoothCovered Raw NickelH90NSCRN
NeckSmoothCovered GoldH90NSCGD
NeckSmoothOpen Border GoldH90NSOGD
NeckClassicOpen Border NickelH90NCONI
NeckClassicOpen Border ChromeH90NCOCR
NeckClassicCovered NickelH90NCCNI
NeckClassicCovered ChromeH90NCCCR
NeckClassicCovered Raw NickelH90NCCRN
NeckClassicCovered GoldH90NCCGD
NeckClassicOpen Border GoldH90NCOGD
BridgeSmoothOpen Border NickelH90BSONI
BridgeSmoothOpen Border ChromeH90BSOCR
BridgeSmoothCovered NickelH90BSCNI
BridgeSmoothCovered ChromeH90BSCCR
BridgeSmoothCovered Raw NickelH90BSCRN
BridgeSmoothCovered GoldH90BSCGD
BridgeSmoothOpen Border GoldH90BSOGD
BridgeClassicOpen Border NickelH90BCONI
BridgeClassicOpen Border ChromeH90BCOCR
BridgeClassicCovered NickelH90BCCNI
BridgeClassicCovered ChromeH90BCCCR
BridgeClassicCovered Raw NickelH90BCCRN
BridgeClassicCovered GoldH90BCCGD
BridgeClassicOpen Border GoldH90BCOGD
Sold Individually. Please add two separate pickups/positions to the cart to create an H90 set, or combine with another pickup style on those carts.