Overdrive Humbucker

Overdrive Humbucker

The Porter Overdrive humbuckers themselves don’t actually overdrive, but if you’re looking for a great sound when using distortion, these are the ones you want. Typically it works best as a bridge pickup. They have a high output with great mids, highs and attack. They feature am AlNiCo 8 magnet, which is aggressive in pull and charge. They can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for.

Popular Neck-Bridge Combos (Order your individual Overdrive or Set with the buttons to the right)

 Clear-Overdrive With the clear in the neck position, you get great articulation and clean notes, but still have a rocking lead bridge..
Classic-Overdrive Great combo for those who like vintage tones, but need a stronger bridge position that has some vintage flavor with some extra sauce.   
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Style Suggestions: The Porter Overdrive Humbuckers are great for High Gain application and modern rock from metal to alternative. They are specifically for the players who don’t really use the clean channel much. They are more aggressive than our other type of models, and are best suited for a bridge pickup. A neck pickup would work if you like to use that pickup for distortion as well. The overdrives are made specifically for those who like a lot of distortion in their amps, pedals and signal.
Buy these if…


  • You need a more aggressive tone.
  • You like vintage flavored pickups, but need more power
  • You want to have your amp/pedals break quicker
Spec info:  A8 magnets, bridge winds are 10K plus, neck winds are usually mid 7-8K range.  
Try these in:  Any guitar that needs a bigger, more aggressive sound thats not too harsh.
4-Conductor wiring Information:


Coil Splitting Information


These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • f-spaced bridge
  • Metal braided hookup wire
  • Overwind
Position/Set Color/Cover SKU UPC
Neck Black ODHNBLK
Neck White ODHNWH
Neck Aged White ODHNAW
Neck Zebra ODHNZB
Neck Nickel ODHNNI
Neck Chrome ODHNCR
Neck Raw Nickel ODHNRN
Neck Gold ODHNGD
Neck Relic Nickel ODHNREL
Bridge Black ODHBBLK 856724008590
Bridge White ODHBWH
Bridge Aged White ODHBAW
Bridge Zebra ODHNZB
Bridge Nickel ODHBNI 856724008606
Bridge Chrome ODHBCR 856724008613
Bridge Raw Nickel ODHBRN 856724008620
Bridge Gold ODHBGD
Bridge Relic Nickel ODHBREL
Classic/Overdrive Gold CLODSGD
Classic/Overdrive Chrome CLODSCR 856724008521
Classic/Overdrive Raw NIckel CLODSRN 856724008538
Classic/Overdrive NIckel CLODSNI 856724008545
Classic/Overdrive Black CLODSBLK 856724008514
Classic/Overdrive White CLODSWH
Classic/Overdrive Aged White CLODSAW
Classic/Overdrive Zebra CLODSZB
Overdrive/Overdrive Gold ODODSGD
Overdrive/Overdrive Chrome ODODSCR
Overdrive/Overdrive Raw NIckel ODODSRN
Overdrive/Overdrive NIckel ODODSNI
Overdrive/Overdrive Black ODODSBLK
Overdrive/Overdrive White ODODSWH
Overdrive/Overdrive Aged White ODODSAW
Overdrive/Overdrive Zebra ODODSZB
Smooth/Overdrive Gold SMODSGD
Smooth/Overdrive Chrome SMODSCR
Smooth/Overdrive Raw NIckel SMODSRN
Smooth/Overdrive NIckel SMODSNI
Smooth/Overdrive Black SMODSBLK
Smooth/Overdrive White SMODSWH
Smooth/Overdrive Aged White SMODSAW
Smooth/Overdrive Zebra SMODSZB
Clear/Overdrive Gold CLRODSGD
Clear/Overdrive Chrome CLRODSCR
Clear/Overdrive Raw NIckel CLRODSRN
Clear/Overdrive NIckel CLRODSNI
Clear/Overdrive Black CLRODSBLK
Clear/Overdrive White CLRODSWH
Clear/Overdrive Aged White CLRODSAW
Clear/Overdrive Zebra CLRODSZB