Smooth Humbucker

Warm tones with good clarity

Smooth Humbucker

Porter Smooth Humbucker Pickups have great mid range but also distort smoothly. They also have good clean and sustain for a well balanced pickup. The Smooth Humbucker shines with light overdrive and riffs, and has a non-harsh tone for strumming and complex clean chord applications. They have a little more low end tone than other pickups we sell, but don’t get too muddy. The Smooth Humbucker Pickups feature a AlNiCo II magnet, and can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for.

Popular Neck-Bridge Combos (Order your individual Smooth or Set with the buttons to the right)

Smooth-Classic Our best seller! Versatile tones from neck to bridge and a great middle position. You get the great lows and softer respond of the neck positions for clean chords and the bridge that can rock if needed.
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Style Suggestions: Jazz, Classic Rock, Blues and Slide. This pickup is popular as a neck pickup for Jazz and Blues, but also works well as a bridge for Classic Rock other styles. This pickup can work well in both positions for a nice even tone, and to tame some of the bridge position harshness, but still rock. If you love a neck pickup with a sweet tone, the Smooths are your pickup.
Buy these if…

  • You’re looking for a warmer neck pickup that doesn’t get too muddy.
  • You gravitate towards the neck pickup as your favorite position.
  • You need to cover jazz, blues and clean chords
  • You have a brighter sounding guitar or amp and you need more low ends
  • Get them in a bridge position if you need a softer attack with less high end.
Spec info:  A2 magnets, available in a neck or bridge position with many options. Typical neck resistance is low 7K range, bridge is high 7 to low 8K 
Try these in:  These work particularly well in almost any guitar. They work in solid bodies, T style or hollow bodies. 
4-Conductor wiring Information:


Coil Splitting Information


These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • f-spaced bridge
  • Metal braided hookup wire
  • Overwind
Position/Set Color/Cover SKU UPC
Neck Black SMHNBLK 856724008439
Neck White SMHNWH
Neck Aged White SMHNAW
Neck Zebra SMHNZB
Neck Nickel SMHNNI 856724008453
Neck Chrome SMHNCR 856724008446
Neck Raw Nickel SMHNRN 856724008460
Neck Gold SMHNGD
Neck Relic Nickel SMHNREL
Bridge Black SMHBBLK
Bridge White SMHBWH
Bridge Aged White SMHBAW
Bridge Zebra SMHBZB
Bridge Nickel SMHBNI
Bridge Chrome SMHBCR
Bridge Raw Nickel SMHBRN
Bridge Gold SMHBGD
Bridge Relic Nickel SMHBREL
Smooth/Classic Gold SMCLSGD
Smooth/Classic Chrome SMCLSCR 856724008002
Smooth/Classic Raw NIckel SMCLSRN 856724008026
Smooth/Classic NIckel SMCLSNI 856724008019
Smooth/Classic Black SMCLSBLK 856724008033
Smooth/Classic White SMCLSWH
Smooth/Classic Aged White SMCLSAW
Smooth/Classic Zebra SMCLSZB
Smooth/Smooth Gold SMSMSGD
Smooth/Smooth Chrome SMSMSCR
Smooth/Smooth Raw NIckel SMSMSRN
Smooth/Smooth NIckel SMSMSNI
Smooth/Smooth Black SMSMSBLK
Smooth/Smooth White SMSMSWH
Smooth/Smooth Aged White SMSMSAW
Smooth/Smooth Zebra SMSMSZB
Smooth/Overdrive Gold SMODSGD
Smooth/Overdrive Chrome SMODSCR
Smooth/Overdrive Raw NIckel SMODSRN
Smooth/Overdrive NIckel SMODSNI
Smooth/Overdrive Black SMODSBLK
Smooth/Overdrive White SMODSWH
Smooth/Overdrive Aged White SMODSAW
Smooth/Overdrive Zebra SMODSZB