WRH Humbucker

Offset poles, big cleans

WRH Humbucker

The WRH humbuckers are a standard humbucker sized version of our full sized WR pickups. We feature the same coil design, winds and magnets just in the smaller humbucker package. These pickups have great clarity and BIG clean tone. With the overwound bobbins, they do very well taming bright guitar and respond nicely to volume changes. Notes on these pickups just out very quickly, and the y cover a great range from high to low end without getting too much one way.

Ready to drop in any standard humbucker guitar.

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Style Suggestions: Great for many different styles from rock, blues, worship music and more.
Buy these if…


  • You want a different range of tones from your humbucker guitar
  • You do several volume changes and like a good range from the pickup
  • You want more note definition from your guitar, and play a lot of percussive/palm muting enhanced strumming
  • you play a lot of delay and need a good tight signal for note repeats
Spec info:  A5 rod magnets, overwound bobbins build in house. Typical resistance ranges are 8.5-9k neck and 10K bridge. available in a covered offset metal cover or open border look. Comes standard with 4-conductor wire
Try these in:  Mahogany or semi-hollow guitars.
4-Conductor wiring Information:


Coil Splitting Information


These options are available for the order, but you must email us at the time of purchase/after checkout:

  • Wood topped with open border.
  • Metal braided hookup wire
Position/Set Cover Type Cover Color SKU
Neck Open Top Chrome WRHNOCR
Neck Open Top Nickel WRHNONI
Neck Open Top Raw Nickel WRHNORN
Neck Open Top Gold WRHNOGD
Neck Closed 3X3 hole Chrome WRHNCCR
Neck Closed 3X3 hole Nickel WRHNCNI
Neck Closed 3X3 hole Raw Nickel WRHNCRN
Neck Closed 3X3 hole Gold WRHNCGD
Bridge Open Top Chrome WRHBOCR
Bridge Open Top Nickel WRHBONI
Bridge Open Top Raw Nickel WRHBORN
Bridge Open Top Gold WRHBOGD
Bridge Closed 3X3 hole Chrome WRHBCCR
Bridge Closed 3X3 hole Nickel WRHBCNI
Bridge Closed 3X3 hole Raw Nickel WRHBCRN
Bridge Closed 3X3 hole Gold WRHBCGD
Set of 2 Open Top Chrome WRHSOCR
Set of 2 Open Top Nickel WRHSONI
Set of 2 Open Top Raw Nickel WRHSORN
Set of 2 Open Top Gold WRHSOGD
Set of 2 Closed 3X3 hole Chrome WRHSCCR
Set of 2 Closed 3X3 hole Nickel WRHSCNI
Set of 2 Closed 3X3 hole Raw Nickel WRHSCRN
Set of 2 Closed 3X3 hole Gold WRHSCGD

WRH Notes

The WRH humbuckers are only currently available in 49.2 string spacing. While the bridge position may not match up with the open poles, you should not experience a volume drop or loss.