Chime and snap


The Porter A90’s are a hybrid design pickup that features AlNiCo 5 rod magnets in a traditional soap bar P90 sized bobbin and pickup route. The results are a p90 type pickup that’s less aggressive than a traditional p90, but with more clarity and “spank” normally found in Jazzmaster® and Strat® style pickups. The A90’s are great for a variety of styles of music and won’t get overly muddy, have excellent note definition and just the right amount bite. Available as a set of two or individually. Made in with house laser cut grey fiberboard. Choose from Black, Cream or White covers.

Combination Tip: Try the A90’s in the neck with a Classic or Smooth bridge p90 for a great mix of pickup styles and tones.

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A90 in the neck

Style Suggestions: Rock, Indie Music, Worship, Jazz,
Buy these if…

  • You have a p90 guitar but need less power from it
  • You lean towards the single coil tones of a Strat® or Jazzmaster®
  • You want less push from your pickups through the rest of your gear chain
  • You have a particularly muddy guitar or amp you need to get more high end out of
Smooth Wind Spec info:  42 AWG Polyl wire.Typical resistance range is 7K to 8k from neck to bridge. AlNiCo 5 bar magnets. Laser engraved grey bobbin flatwork. Cloth Hookup wire.
Try these in: Any p-90 soap bar routed guitars from solid to semi hollow. They will also work well in S or T style guitars.
The A90’s use a cloth hookup wire, similar to that of our standard single coil pickups. White is Hot, Black is ground.

Install tip: The a90’s use a traditional two wood screw mounting just like regular p90’s. in fact, they should fit right in the holes if you are replacing standard p90’s. Many like to use mounting foam for height adjustment under the pickups, and the A90’s com standard with springs for height adjustment.

If you are installing a90’s in a guitar with no previous pickups, we recommend placing the A90 in the route and pushing the screw through the mounting hole. Tap the screw LIGHTLY with a small hammer to mark the hole location. Make sure it’s straight in the cavity where you want it, and PRE-DRILL a hole slightly smaller than the wood screws that come with the pickup. This will make installation easier and lessen the risk of stripping out the small phillips head screws, 

Position/Set Cover SKU
Neck Cream A90NCR
Neck White A90NWH
Neck Black A90NBLK
Bridge Cream A90BCR
Bridge White A90BWH
Bridge Black A90BBLK
Set of 2 Cream A90SCR
Set of 2 White A90SWH
Set of 2 Black A90SBLK