Ricochet P90

Clear and Unique

Ricochet P90

What started with the Ricochet humbucker turned into the P90 sized version! We took the same magnet pattern, triangle coils and unique open top look and created a set to drop right into the p90 slot.

The neck features AlNiCo 5 magnets for a Strong and versatile tone. The bridge also features AlNiCo 5 magnets for a little more bite and power. Together they make a killer sounding set that Sounds uniquely it’s own and retains plenty of chime and clarity. RWRP for middle position hum canceling.

Available in open top covers only.

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Style Suggestions: Rock, Indie Music, Worship, Jazz, Classic Rock.
Buy these if…

  • you need something less powerful for the p90 guitar
  • You need something different in looks and something with a much cleaner tone. 
 Wind Spec info:  42 AWG Poly wire.Typical resistance range is 5K to 6k from neck to bridge.
Try these in: Any p-90 soap bar routed guitars from solid to semi hollow..


Our Ricochet p90’s are wired with 2 conductor hookup wire. White is Hot and Black and Bare are grounds.