Smooth P90

Great sustain and low end

Smooth P90

The Smooth P90 is great for blues and jazz tones and clean chords AlNiCo 2 Magnets. We use a winding pattern with these p90s to help bring out the tight notes and big sound. Standard output winding results in 7k range for the neck and 8k range for the bridge. Braided hookup wire and wax potted to prevent excess microphonic feedback.

Pairs nicely with a classic in the bridge or another smooth in the bridge. Use the cart to the right to create your set purchase/configuration.

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Style Suggestions: Rock, Indie Music, Worship, Jazz, Classic Rock.
Buy these if…

  • You like blues and jazz and need a softer response from the neck pickup, or in the bridge if you want less bite
  • You’re looking for a p90 that will have good clean tone with a very focused note response.
Smooth Wind Spec info:  42 AWG Polyl wire.Typical resistance range is 7K to 8k from neck to bridge. Dual AlNiCo 2 bar magnets. Softer response, less power than the Classic P90. More focused on smoothness, sustain while not getting too muddy.
Try these in: Any p-90 soap bar routed guitars from solid to semi hollow. Also available in “Dog Ear” configuration.

Our p90’s are wired standard with metal braided hookup wire. The outer braid is ground (Usually to the back of the volume pot) and the inner wire is the hot (Usually to the lug of the volume pot or the selector switch.

Install tip: Make sure none of the metal braids come in contact with the inner hot portion of the pickup or it will cause it to short out. Since the whole outer portion of the ground wire is ground itself, make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any other points that could cause issues!

Position/Set Color Model/Set SKU
Neck White Smooth P90SMNWH
Neck White Classic P90CLNWH
Neck Black Smooth P90SMNBLK
Neck Black Classic P90CLNWH
Neck Cream Smooth P90SMNCR
Neck Cream Classic P90CLNWH
Bridge White Smooth P90SMBWH
Bridge White Classic P90CLBWH
Bridge Black Smooth P90SMBBLK
Bridge Black Classic P90CLBBLK
Bridge Cream Smooth P90SMBCR
Bridge Cream Classic P90CLBCR
Set of 2 White Smooth/Classic P90SMCLSWH
Set of 2 White Classic/Classic P90CLCLSWH
Set of 2 White Smooth/Smooth P90SMSMSWH
Set of 2 Black Smooth/Classic P90SCLSBLK
Set of 2 Black Classic/Classic P90CLCLSBLK
Set of 2 Black Smooth/Smooth P90SMSMSBLK
Set of 2 Cream Smooth/Classic P90SCLSCR
Set of 2 Cream Classic/Classic P90CLCLSCR
Set of 2 Cream Smooth/Smooth P90SMSMSCR