Strat® Pickups

Porter Custom Wound Strat Pickups

Our lineup of strat pickups is designed to cover everything from blues to rock and achieve the right match to your strat. With these replacement pickups, you’ll be able to mix and match individual models for a custom set or find the right set of 3 to suit your needs. Still not sure which one would work best for you? Fill out the chooser form and we’ll contact you back with a personalized answer.


Our take on the early 50’s strat® pickups.

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Get the smooth, bluesy tones from the 60’s with our 60’s wind.

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Hybrid Plus 

Overwound, clean and mean.

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Vintage Custom 

A vintage coil type with some modern twists.

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P-90 design in a Strat® housing.

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Gatekeeper Strat Set -$99 ea.

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