WR Humbucker

WR Humbucker

The Porter Wide Range© pickups are a great mix of chime and thickness. They don’t get too harsh or too muddy, and they provide a great note definition. Available in several cover options.

Please note: these pickups are made to fit the 4-screw, wider pickup routes found on Thinline® Tele Deluxe® models.

The Story and Our Take on the Design

We’ve been asked countless times to make a Wide Range© replacement pickup. As we continue our chase of tone, we wanted to make a design that was less of a clone and more of our take within the housing. We use offset staggered Alnico 5 magnets, with the exposed magnets having a bevel. Our Wide Ranges© have a larger coil size than the standard Wide Range© and are roughly 20-30% overwound vs our regular size humbucker line. The resulting recipe means you get a bigger and thicker tone, while still keeping versatility in mind. All internal flatwork is laser cut in house. The Porter Wide Range© pickups come with 4-conductor hookup wire for even more wiring options.

For those with standard humbucker guitars, check out our WRH set. It features the same design as these but in the traditional humbucker case.

Style Suggestions: Jazz, Classic Rock, Blues and Slide. The WR’s are made for a good balance of thickness and clarity. They won’t get too harsh, but have the nice snap that many single coils have. They are a very powerful pickup due to the magnet pole design and overwinding.

Buy these if…

  • You use a lot of volume changes and like to retain a good tone when turning down.
  • You need a thicker sound from your WR guitar.
  • You like single coil chime, but don’t like the noise!

Spec info: A5 rod magnets. 4-conductor hookup wire. Typical neck resistance is low 9K range, bridge is high 10-11k.
Try these in: Thin style T guitars, or other custom builds.
4-Conductor wiring Information:


Coil Splitting Information


Position/Set Cover SKU
Neck Nickel WRNNI
Neck Chrome WRNCR
Neck Raw Nickel WRNRN
Neck Gold WRNGD
Bridge Nickel WRBNI
Bridge Chrome WRBCR
Bridge Raw Nickel WRBRN
Bridge Gold WRBGD
Set of 2 Nickel WRSNI
Set of 2 Chrome WRSCR
Set of 2 Raw Nickel WRSRN
Set of 2 Gold WRSGD