Vintage P90

Old school tones

Vintage P90

We developed the Vintage P90 for the player who likes the old P90 tones. P90’s are known for their untamed nature and the Vintage model is no different. Tones are raw and thick, with great response to overdrive and a nice round and full sound. Very good note definition and sustain. Available in Soap Bar or Dog Ear configuration.

Wind Information (Order your individual Vintage P90 or Set with the buttons to the right)

Traditional Wind: 42 AWG Plain enamel wire and dual AlNiCo 2 bar magnets. Great sustain with a sifter top end and more focus on the mid range.
 Hot Wind: 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire. Dual AlNiCo 2 bar magnets. Overwound for a great single p90 guitar or edgier lead tone. Most often ordered as a dog ear bridge for JR style guitar, but works great paired with a traditional vintage wind in the neck!
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Style Suggestions: Jazz, Country, Classic Rock, Blues, Indie, Heavy Tones.
Buy these if…

  • You like the old sounding p90s
  • Get the Hot Wind If you’re looking for a great LP JR tone.
  • Get the Traditional Wind If you’re looking for more sustain, and less bite from your p90 guitar.
  • You like the resonance of your guitar, but feel like it needs more life. 

Try these in: Any p-90 soap bar routed guitars from solid to semi hollow. Also available in “Dog Ear” configuration.

Our p90’s are wired standard with metal braided hookup wire. The outer braid is ground (Usually to the back of the volume pot) and the inner wire is the hot (Usually to the lug of the volume pot or the selector switch.

Install tip: Make sure none of the metal braids come in contact with the inner hot portion of the pickup or it will cause it to short out. Since the whole outer portion of the ground wire is ground itself, make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any other points that could cause issues!


Hot Wind-CreamNeckDog EarVP90NHCRDE
Hot Wind-CreamNeckSoap BarVP90NHCR
Hot Wind-CreamBridgeDog EarVP90BHCRDE
Hot Wind-CreamBridgeSoap BarVP90BHCR
Hot Wind-CreamSet of 2Dog EarVP90SHCRDE
Hot Wind-CreamSet of 2Soap BarVP90SHCR
Traditional Wind-CreamNeckDog EarVP90NCRDE
Traditional Wind-CreamNeckSoap BarVP90NCR
Traditional Wind-CreamBridgeDog EarVP90BCRDE
Traditional Wind-CreamBridgeSoap BarVP90BCR
Traditional Wind-CreamSet of 2Dog EarVP90BCRDE
Traditional Wind-CreamSet of 2Soap BarVP90BCR
Hot Wind-BlackNeckDog EarVP90NHBLKDE
Hot Wind-BlackNeckSoap BarVP90NHBLK
Hot Wind-BlackBridgeDog EarVP90BHBLKDE
Hot Wind-BlackBridgeSoap BarVP90BHBLK
Hot Wind-BlackSet of 2Dog EarVP90SHBLKDE
Hot Wind-BlackSet of 2Soap BarVP90SHBLK
Traditional Wind-BlackNeckDog EarVP90NBLKDE
Traditional Wind-BlackNeckSoap BarVP90NBLK
Traditional Wind-BlackBridgeDog EarVP90BBLKDE
Traditional Wind-BlackBridgeSoap BarVP90BBLK
Traditional Wind-BlackSet of 2Dog EarVP90SBLKDE
Traditional Wind-BlackSet of 2Soap BarVP90SBLK
Hot Wind-WhiteNeckDog EarVP90NHWHDE
Hot Wind-WhiteNeckSoap BarVP90NHWH
Hot Wind-WhiteBridgeDog EarVP90BHWHDE
Hot Wind-WhiteBridgeSoap BarVP90BHWH
Hot Wind-WhiteSet of 2Dog EarVP90SHWHDE
Hot Wind-WhiteSet of 2Soap BarVP90SHWH
Traditional Wind-WhiteNeckDog EarVP90NWHDE
Traditional Wind-WhiteNeckSoap BarVP90NWH
Traditional Wind-WhiteBridgeDog EarVP90BWHDE
Traditional Wind-WhiteBridgeSoap BarVP90BWH
Traditional Wind-WhiteSet of 2Dog EarVP90SWHDE
Traditional Wind-WhiteSet of 2Soap BarVP90SWH