Porter 9T

Big sound and killer looks

9T Tele Pickup

The Porter 9T neck gives you a nice clear and full tone without getting too muddy or too twangy. It will still provide the P90 “push” but remains thick in the mix.

The Porter 9T bridge pickup gives you that huge P90 tone without any extra modifications to your guitar. The 9T bridge is very aggressive and will drive your amp harder.  The 9T bridge responds well to volume changes and clean up as you roll the knob down. We like to run these pickups at different heights depending on the results and aggressiveness you want.

The Porter 9T Set works particularly well to tame otherwise bright or harsh guitars. Turn it up!

NOTE: If you are wanting to build a combination such as a Nashville Tele® or combine these with another pickup, use each cart’s individual pickup purchase option to build your set by position/pickup type.


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Style Suggestions:  Blues, Country, Rock, Indie, Worship, Alternative
Buy these if…

  • you could use a fatter sound our of your setup or you need to thicken up a guitar
  • You want more push of your amp and pedals
  • You do a lot of volume changes and like to have good tonal range
  • You want more attack from your notes, vs a traditional T style pickups
  • you like the strong tone of a p90
Spec info: Fixed humbucker style poles (Non-Adjustable), dual ceramic bar magnets. 43 AWG neck pickup around 7k stock. Bridge pickup is 42awg around mid 6k range stock.
Try these in: Brighter or semi hollow guitars. Guitars that feel too twangy and you need to tame them. Any T style guitar that needs more beefy tones.

The 9T’s are like any standard T wiring. White is hot, black is ground. Follow any diagram for installation. If you have a 4-way wiring setup, the cover ground is usually yellow. Many diagrams do not show this color, so pay attention when installing since the black ground wire will be to the switch instead of ground on the 4-way application.

9T Install tip: The 9t bridge plate does not come with any type of metal baseplate. Many tele bridges use the mounting screws of the tele bridge to come in contact with the bridge metal to create the bridge ground. You MAY need to add a separate bridge ground wire to the actual metal of the bridge itself if you experience any extra noise. Shielding the guitar cavities is recommended!


Position/Set/Cover SKU UPC
Neck – Raw Nickel 9TNRN 856724008187
Neck – Nickel 9TNNI
Neck – Chrome 9TNCR 856724008194
Neck – Gold 9TNGD
Bridge Only 9TB 856724008200
Set- Raw Nickel Neck 9TSRN 856724008132
Set – Nickel Neck 9TSNI
Set – Chrome Neck 9TSCR 856724008149
Set – Gold Neck 9TSGD
Blackout 9T Set SKU UPC
Set 9TSBLK 856724008170